Resources for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers
and others living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

May those who serve the armed services, be well served through our care upon return home!
Their care and wellness is reflected in the general wellness of the larger community.

Suicide Hotlines

-VA Suicide Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Suicide Hotlines
Indiana -

Homeless Shelters

Back Street Mission

HVAF of Indiana Inc.

Indiana Homeless Shelter Directory

Lilly Relief Programs for Vets and Families

Nat'l Coalition for Homeless Vets

Shaloam Center

Other Resources

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
http://www.iava.org - 219-982-9699

Mental Health America

National Brain Injury Information Center

Paralyzed Veterans of America
http://www.pva.org - 1(800)555-9140

Relief for U.S. Soldiers
We Offer Support for Active/Wounded U.S. Soldiers.

Serve Those Who Served Us
Support Veteran Entrepreneurship!

Vet Success

Welcome Back Veterans

Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline

Recovery Village - https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/resources/

Army Emergency Relief

Armed Forces Relief Trust

Army wounded Soldier and Family Hotline

Military OneSource
1-800-342-9647 in USA
1-800-3429-6477 outside of U
- DOD contracted

National Veterans Foundation Help Line
1-888-777-4443 (M-F 9-9 Pacific)
Email help also available from NVF

Vet Center

Veteran-to-Veteran Peer Counseling

Veterans of the Vietnam War

Anxxiety Disorders Association of America http://www.adaa.org

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center

Career Center for Severely Injured

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress

The Coming Home Project

Transition Assistance Program

VA Military Sexual Trauma Coordinator

VA Office of the Inspector General - Report Suspected Wrong doing in VA Programs and Operations Call the OIG Hotline - (800) 488-8244

VA Work Therapy Program

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)

American Veterans with Brain Injuries (AVBI)

"Veterans are the light at the tip of the candle, illuminating the way for the whole nation. If veterans can achieve awareness, transformation, understanding, and peace, they can share with the rest of society the realities of war. And they can teach us how to make peace with ourselves and each other, so we never have to use violence to resolve conflicts again."
-- Thich Nhat Hahn

The Reiki Wellness Project for VETS goal is to provide Reiki as a relaxation tool to directly address emotional, physical and spiritual needs of soldiers their families, and Carggivers living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . The PTSD Wellness Project evolved out of an idea to provide Reiki sessions to victims of Domestic Violence, and those served by Middle Way House in Bloomington, IN.

The Reiki Wellness Project will offer CONTEMPLATIVE FLOW sessions at a discount to Veterans, their families and Caregivers living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

According to the American Forces Press Service, "A revolutionary treatment program here is demonstrating "little miracles" as it gives new hope to soldiers afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder ………..Click to read article.

Reiki is a non invasive biofield practice. It is an ancient, gentle, non-invasive Japanese healing energy practice.

Reiki is utilized by individuals and hospitals around the world for its support in healing the mind, body and spirit. Although research continues in an attempt to understand how Reiki works, that is still unclear, but the results are measurable.

A Reiki practitioner is a vehicle for the flow of energy. The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, and other hospitals have documentation showing that Reiki helps reduce stress and facilitates relaxation which helps improve health and general wellbeing, which enhances the quality of life. There are no known side affects; a person cannot get too much Reiki energy. Everyone who chooses to can learn to work with Reiki energy, including children.

For most, the relaxing effects of a Reiki session are immediately obvious as clients leave with a heightened sense of well being. Some of my own clients compare it to the effects of having a massage, only there is no manipulation and you keep your clothes on; others feel like it is the deepest meditation they have ever achieved.

A Reiki session catalyzes the body's natural ability to heal and enhances the effects of conventional medical practices and other complementary healing arts and therapies.

During a Reiki session, Practitioners place their hands on or near the person to transmit "chi" or "ki," which is believed to be life-force energy, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH). The Reiki Practitioner is a conduit for the energy.

One does not have to have a specific belief system to experience the benefits of Reiki. Reiki is for all people and all beliefs. In the practice of Reiki, it is the intent to bring the love of the Creative Universal Life Force (Great Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence, The One, Positive Force) to all for healing.

Click for resource information about Reiki.

Veterans for America Servicemembers Survival Guide a Must-Have for Every Military Family

Veterans for America delivers an early holiday present to our nation's military families: "The American Veterans' and Servicemembers' Survival Guide," a 599-page guidebook every veteran should own. And there's no need to worry about being naughty or nice, because the VFA Santa has made the ebook available to everyone as a free download.

Download the whole thing at once, or choose only those of its 28 chapters you most wish to read first. (Specific recommendations for PTSD issues are found as a subchapter in Chapter 3: Service-Connected Compensation [pdf]. I've excerpted a portion in extended to give you an idea of what you can expect to find in this vital survival guide.)

For many, creating and participating in a ritual helps make it eassier to approach letting go of thoughts, painful experiences, and attitudes that weigh us down and use up our energies. Patricia, as a Prayer Shaman has been involved in crafting personal ritual and ceremony for two decades, and is available to assist you in in creating meaningful ceremonies to acknowledge and celebrate lifes changing moments.
Have your ritual designed




"When you learn a craft, practice it.
That learning comes through the hands."







Quilter's Comfort, certified organic loose leaf teas, Nightshade free seasonings

Indiana Resources
-Indiana Dept of VA Affirs

-Indiana State Veterans Benefits

-Indiana National Guard

- PTSD Information Network

-Natural Health and Meditation - PTSD

Bloomington, Indiana Resources
-Veterans Affairs - 214 West 7th Street, (812) 349-2568

-VA Clinic Bloomington - (812) 336-5723

-Veterans of Foreign Wars (812) 332-4684

-Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 604 - 2404 West Industrial Park Drive, (812) 339-2375

-Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7850, Gosport, IN 812-879-4230


-Volunteers in Medicine

-Indiana Holistic Health Network

- Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

- Catholic Charities

- Center Stone

-Amythyst House

- AA

-National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
http://www.info@nami.org - 1(800)950-6264

Support Groups Bloomington
Support group for veterans forming - Vietnam, Persian, Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are invited - 7:00 pm - 3rd Monday each month, Apostolic Bible Church, 33300 S. Walnut St. Pike in basement conference room. For information contact Larry Decker, Afghanistan veteran - 824-2479 or 812-272-8996
Community Food Resources Bloomington

Domestic Violence and Family Resources

Bloomington, Indiana - Middle Way House, 404 West 5th Street
- 24 Hour Crisis Line: (812) 336-0846

Miles Foundation
Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault by Military Personnel 1-877-570-0688

National Domestic Violence Hotline
http://www.ndvh.org - 1(800)79907233

The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
http://www.rainn.org - 1(800)656-hope

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
http://www.taps.org - 1(800)959-8277

Veterans and Families Coming Home

A Guidebook for Incarcerated Veterans in Indiana - [PDF]


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