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Herbal Properties

Sage (Salvia officinalis) common garden sage has been known and used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries. The ancient Greeks considered sage to be a valuable healing herb, and used it to treat consumption, ulcers and other digestive problems. It has been used to lower fevers and treat snake bite. Used as a tea, sage can either stop sweating when drunk cold, or produce sweating when taken hot. It has been used to treat headache, and is believed in various cultures to aid memory and thinking. Salvia comes from the Latin word meaning to heal. Sage contains Thujone (35 to 60%), 1,8-cineol (15%), camphor (18%), borneol (16%), bornyl esters, a-pinene and salvene. It is a great fighter against infection, a good preservative, a digestive aid, can reduce blood sugar and helps relieve a sore throat. It has a peppery flavor.

In Vibrational Medicine it is used in support of healing and abundance. Sage helps boost memory (Journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior.

Savory, Summer & Winter ()
Sea Salt

SPEARMINT (Mentha spicata) has been long valued as a digestive aid, stimulating salivary glands and gastric secretions. It is gentle and safe. Traditionally used in the treatment of colds, flu, chills and dizziness. It is a good source of vitamins A and C and minor source of B complex, calcium, sulfur, iron, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

In Vibrational Medicine Spearmint is used to open emotionally, clean and heal the emotional body.

Strawbery Leaves - Strawberry leaf is astringent, tonic and diuretic. A calming effect of the fruit and the leaves along with the noted astringent properties has historically been considered useful when treating of diarrhea and urinary tract disorders because of the tannins. Studies have shown that the active ingredients ellagic acid, anthocyanins, catechins, quercetin and kaempferol may combine to prevent the formation of platelets which helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, and also assist in preventing oxidation of cholesterol which reduces the formation of plaque. Homeopathy views the strawberry as a heart, blood remedy. Avoid if allergic to strawberries.

Vibrational Medicine uses include the support of joy in life and healing of past emotional wounds.

TEA (Camellia sinensis) all tea (black, green, white comes from the ever green tree. The plant that contains volatile oils, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine, but the active constituents are polyphenols, particularly the catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) considered a stronger antioxidant than either vitamin E or C. It is how the leaves are treated after harvest that determines their differences.
ASSAM (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) is considered the "coffee -drinkers" tea. It has a rich flavor that is full-bodied and malty. Dark, Crisp Delicious

EARL GREEN - Green tea leaves with bermont oil added (in Earl Gray, the oil is added to black tea leaves).

GREEN TEA is produced by lightly steaming the fresh cut tea leaf, so the active constituents remain unaltered in the herb and is very high in polyphenols with potent antioxidant and anticancer properties. Black and oolong tea are fermented. Research is showing that green tea guards against cardiovascular disease and in lower incidence of types of tumors. Green tea lowers total cholesterol levels in the body and improves the cholesterol profile (the ratio of LDL cholesterol to HDL cholesterol). Further, it reduces platelet aggregation, and lowers blood pressure. Much research data is showing that the polyphenols are also helpful in lessening the risk of a number of types of cancers by stimulating the production of several immune system cells. The tea plants antibacterial properties also work against bacteria that cause dental plaque and stimulants the body to resist and heal from colds, congestion, asthma, diarrhea, and help prevents tissue damage from radiation therapy. For more than 4000 years Chinese medicine has recommended green tea for headaches, body aches and pains, digestion, depression, immune enhancement, detoxification, as an energizer, and to prolong life; It can help decrease excess body fat, fosters healthy heart.

Thyme (Thymus) has powerful antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal properties which fight infections, stimulate the immune system and can help ward off colds and help treat chronic yeast and urinary tract infections. Thyme is used as an antiseptic, carminative and fermifuge. It contains tannins that cause proteins in skin to cross-link, forming a barrier to infection. Tymol, the primary volatile oil has been show to offer cell protection to the vital organs including the brain, kidney and heart. Teas of thyme can be taken orally to treat allergies, asthma, colds, and coughs. It has a bright taste, lively, clean taste. Thyme's antioxidant properties help alleviate respiratory ailments like bronchitis and in general helps keep you breathing easy. It is used for headaches, nerves, colds and fevers. It is an excellent source of iron and manganese.

Vibrational Medicine uses it for sense of direction and calm.

Turmeric (curcuma longa) scientific research is promoting turmeric as one of nature's most powerful healers. This cell protector improves every organ in the body. An anti-inflammatory root used to relieve catarrh, and. some blood problems. Called the anti-cancer spice, it may help prevent and heal a long line of imbalances from Asthma to Parkinson's disease. In Alzheimer's it helps by slowing the progression of damage and acts as a natural safeguard in maintaining memory and brain function associated with aging. It also helps the body fight heart disease and stroke, Curcumin, in Turmeric helps reduce pain, heal, repair and keep the liver healthy and helps control blood sugar levels,

In Vibrational Medicine

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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